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90th Academy Awards : 第90回アカデミー賞に、「スター・ウォーズ」の新星のケリー・マリー・トランがやって来た ! !



明日の第90回アカデミー賞授賞式で、プレゼンターをつとめるために、セレブがオスカーで身につけるドレスや、スーツを仕立て上げて、ン十年?!の大ベテランのネーナズさんに、ドレスの最後の調整をして頂いたケリー・マリー・トランです!! - 派遣会社の事務のバイト兼売れない芸人から、いきなり、「スター・ウォーズ」のヒロインになったケリーとしては、本当に夢のようなオスカーの舞台での大役です!!、応援してあげてください!! - なお、「アベンジャーズ」のリジーが主演をつとめる Facebook 配信のシットコム「ソーリー・フォー・ユア・ロス」のレギュラー出演も、ケリーは決まっています!! - リジーが扮する若干27歳にして、夫に先立たれてしまった若過ぎる未亡人のヒロインが、過去を振り向きながらも、明日に向かって、生きていくことになります…!! Repost @kellymarietran by @media.repost: Here’s an inside look into my Oscars experience! ❤️ Many of you probably haven’t heard of Nanaz, but she is an INCREDIBLE tailor! She works tirelessly to make sure suits & dresses fit PERFECTLY, and she does it in the QUICKEST turnaround. She has the best stories about working on countless dresses and suits that were Oscars highlights — @waymanandmicah joke that she OWNS HOLLYWOOD this weekend. And you guys, SHE DOES! Without her, all of our suits and dresses would be saggy and/or tight in all the wrong places. It’s funny to imagine. 😂 My favorite part about her? She couldn’t stop gushing about MY FAVORITE, @johnboyega!! (Also, low key — CHECK OUT THAT PHOTO OF QUEEN @tessamaethompson 👑👑👑👑👑 LONG MAY SHE REIGN 🙇🏻‍♀️) MEEEP! just came from rehearsal and I’m so excited for tomorrow!! ❤️❤️❤️

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第90回アカデミー賞の授賞式のステージにあがって、プレゼンターの大役をつとめると思えば、緊張と不安で寝ていられなくて、早朝に目が覚めてしまい、気持ちを落ち着かせるために、朝の7時半から住まいの大掃除を始めてしまったケリーです!!、オスカーでは当然、「スター・ウォーズ」の代表として、メイクもドレスもバッチリ💫で登場するのですが、でも、このスッピンが本当の私だから…!!とのことです!!、このようにもう、オスカーのドキドキ💓は始まっています!! Repost @kellymarietran by @media.repost: When you’re going to attend a VERY GLAMOROUS event, you start your day in a VERY GLAMOROUS way. Like... cleaning your whole apartment at 7:30AM because you’re so anxious and excited that you can’t sit down. 😂😂😂 I got re-runs of friends on the tele and my cleaning gloves are on! LESSSGOOOOOOOO. 💪🏾💪🏽💪🏻Let this photo serve as my before pic for tonight, one cleaning glove and all. 💁🏻I also wanted to post this no-makeup pic to prove a point. It’s no secret that the industry I’m in idolizes fashion and makeup and glam. It comes with the territory, and I’m lucky enough to have an amazing team that helps me with all of that. They’ve helped me learn how to play around with different looks, and how to view fashion as art. But I gotta say, guys — HUMAN BEINGS ARE ALSO ART. We are all pieces of weird, messy, magical art, and that magic comes from WHAT’S INSIDE! The other stuff? It’s just the frosting on top of the cake! I still feel 100% beautiful without any of the glam. And that’s been the most critical thing as I’ve navigated this transition in my life. So I guess what I’m saying is.... YOU DO YOU, have fun with fashion/glam if that’s your thing! And if it’s not, don’t! At the end of the day, I hope you know that your insides are the coolest part of you. SO love yourself, as you are, all sides of you. I’m over here learning to do the same — while I clean. 😂😂 EXCITED TO HAVE YOU ALONG FOR THIS JOURNEY TODAY. I will be posting throughout the day ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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そして、結果として、下 ↓ のような「女優」のケリーに仕上がりました…!!

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